About Larry Bethers

Born in 1951. Began martial arts training in September 1967. Served in US Army and National Guard Special Forces (Green Beret) from 1973 to 1990. Hold black belt rankings in: Shotokan Karate, Dan Zan Ryu Jujutsu, Hwa Rang Do and Instructor rating in Israeli Haganah. Currently affiliated with Chow Hoon Goshin Jitsu (6th Dan).

Chow Hoon Goshin Jitsu – Ohana 2016

Monterey, California – Ohana 2016:
50th Anniversary celebration for the Chow Hoon Goshin Jitsu

knighted - Larry Bethers
Larry G. Bethers promoted to 7th Dan and awarded the Alihi (knighthood, sort of).

Pauline Chowhoon
Pauline Chow Hoon, Bob Kent, 9th Dan, Larry Bethers, 7th dan. Pauline Chow Hoon is Professor Chow Hoon’s widow and is the matron of Chow Hoon Goshin Jitsu.

Mrs. Chow Hoon signs all advanced rank certificates and is instrumental in all organization functions.  She is still a “pistol” !!!

Seated: Scott Merrill 7th Dan, Bob Kent, 9th Dan, Larry Bethers, 7th Dan. Scott runs the Monterey Dojo and is also active in Jujitsu America.

Alex Ellwood and Matt Hess
Alex Ellwood, 3rd Dan and Matt Hess, 3rd Dan attended the Ohana. It was a quick trip to Monterey and back but worth it.

Chow Hoon Goshin Jitsu - Ohana 2016