Provo Jujutsu Club

The Provo Jujutsu Club members are just a bunch of old farts and some kids seeking to perfect our technique and understanding of the Martial Arts.  We meet on the scheduled nights and abuse each other in ways consistent with traditional (really old traditional) martial arts training.  There are no contracts at the Provo Jujutsu Club, after all we are a club and not a commercial enterprise.


Chow Hoon Goshin Jujitsu

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Chow Hoon Goshin Jitsu (Self Defense) is comprised of many arts to include Karate, Jujitsu (Dan Zan Ryu) and other arts such as escrima, and kenpo.

About Chow Hoon Goshin Jitsu founder, Professor John Chow-Hoon

Ohana 2016 in Monterey CA. Larry Bethers promoted to 7th Dan


Pictures from the past:

Professor James Muro, Larry Bethers and Bob Kent at a clinic in Salinas, CA many years ago!







Larry Bethers and Scott Merrill at a Jujitsu America Convention

Training at Provo Jujutsu Club includes all types of weapons. George learns the meaning of “double tap”.

Visiting with the founder of Small Circle Jujitsu and Jujitsu America Professor Wally Jay and his wife.

Goshin Jitsu at the Provo Jujutsu Club also includes stick fighting as taught by Guro Don Brinkerhoff. Tim Parker pictured.

Dan Zan Ryu Jujitsu

This is the jujutsu system that is the basis of our art though we use a lot of Small Circle Jujitsu developed by Professor Wally Jay.  Jujutsu is the art of the samurai and if you can find an unwatered down version, is very decisive.  It all depends on how you train!


Shotokan Karate

At the Provo Jujutsu Club we learn, practice and study in depth the Shotokan Karate kata. Karate is part of our system but we have exchanged stability (long, low, deep stances) for mobility.

There are 15 basic kata.  Some of the movements elude my interpretation and some are quite obvious if you know jujutsu.  Kata teaches the angle and direction of your attack and your body orientation to your opponent.  It also teaches the kyusho jitsu points, joint locks (called torite in Japanese).  There are no blocks in the kata.


Kyusho Jitsu

The kata teaches the pressure points, angles of direction of attack and sequencing of techniques.  Anyone who says kata is worthless to study does not know anything about the kata.  Kyoshu Jitsu is the art and science of attacking and using pressure points, nerves, and acupuncture cavities.  We delve into the relationships between acupuncture meridians and jujutsu techniques.  This requires at least a superficial knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory, Cycle of Destruction/creation, Yin and Yang and the Times of the Shichen.


This is an Israeli martial art similar to Krav Maga and in fact has Krav Maga in it.  It was developed by an Israeli Special Operations veteran Michael Lee Kanareck and is based on what is currently taught to the IDF special operations.  It includes hand to hand techniques, gun and knife disarms. We have incorporated it into our system because it supports jujutsu really well.


Other arts

We will incorporate other arts into our system as needed to refine and develop the system. We currently have some boxing techniques, wrestling, and Brazilian jiu jitsu worked into the system.  If there is anything that works it we are pretty much going to adopt it into the system.


Instructor Larry Bethers

Provo Jujutsu Club